In Tuscany there are many art cities, historic villages and fascinating places to visit.

Florence is certainly one of the most famous art cities in Italy and in the world, every year millions of tourists come to visit it and, thanks to its inestimable historical and scientific heritage, they remain all amazed.

Florence can be defined as a large, open air museum, where art and history mix together.

The heart of the city is Piazza della Signoria, where Palazzo Vecchio is located, the offices of the municipality; from here you can reach all the major points of interest in the city.

Among these we certainly find the Uffizi Gallery, where some of the most important and well-known art-works in the world are preserved e Ponte Vecchio, the most famous and photographed bridge in Florence with its characteristic jewelery shops.

Another important museum is the Accademia Gallery, located near the historic Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and preserves Michelangelo’s David; other museums rich in works are Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Pitti with its eight internal museums, the Bargello; these are the best known, but they are just some of the innumerable museums that collect priceless works.

Besides these, in the historical center, there are historical theaters, such as the Pergola and the Boboli Gardens, Medici chapels and many churches, such as Santa Maria Novella or Santa Croce where very important artists have created their art-works.

Even today Florence is an important center of culture and art, but also of fashion, in fact it hosts the Gucci and Ferragamo museums.