Hiking and excursions in Val di Cecina

Hiking and excursions in Val di Cecina

The territory of Val di Cecina allows hikers to explore hills, vineyards and small villages along scenic country roads. Hikingand excursions are the best possible activities to discover the most hidden corners of the valley.

Very interesting are the excursions along the course of the Cecina River, whose banks are dominated by gentle hills covered with vineyards and topped by historic towns of incredible charm.

The river crosses the entire territory and then leads to the sea near the homonymous city: Cecina. It is therefore the ideal road to follow and the perfect reference point to move around the area.

Walking along country roads and dirt roads totally free of automobile traffic, you can reach the center of medieval villages such as Miemo, Montescudaio, Guardistallo, Riparbella. These are spectacular examples of medieval architecture, virtually untouched in time that still show palaces and walls made of stone.


A visit to the historic center of these villages is also an opportunity to taste some local specialties produced in the surrounding countryside. Oil and wine are the most popular and appreciated products, but there are also honey, cold cuts and vegetables to taste.