What makes Pisa one of the most famous art cities is its famous leaning tower, now a symbol of Italy abroad.

The city, of ancient Etruscan and Roman origins, is crossed by the final stretch of the river Arno and not far from the old town lies its mouth. This strategic position enabled Pisa to become a true power of sea trading. Thanks to the profits of business, the city was able to expand and finance the construction of palaces and churches.

An exceptional example of this is the monumental complex that is located in Piazza del Duomo, better known to the general public as “Piazza dei Miracoli”. Here are collected the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Cemetery, the Baptistery and the famous leaning tower, the Bell Tower.

At the time of its construction the bell tower was perfectly straight, but a few years later, following the collapse of the underlying ground, it slid to the side becoming the leaning tower that can be seen today.

The buildings, made entirely of two-color marble between the eleventh and twentieth centuries, have miraculous proportions that have earned the nickname “Piazza dei Miracoli” to the square.