An hour and a half from Florence there is another of the most famous Tuscan art cities: Pisa.

Piazza dei Miracoli is the most famous and most appreciated place of this city; thanks to its green lawn, to the walls that surround it and to the most important monuments of Pisa, it has a great fascination for tourists who can not resist its beauty.

The Romanesque Cathedral is in the center of the square, this monument collects testimonies of different eras as you can guess from the different styles that compose it, inside it has a beautiful mosaic on the apse and a golden ceiling.

In front of the entrance to the Cathedral we find the Baptistery, transformed into a Gothic style by Nicola Pisano, is rich in symbolic references.

Near the cathedral is the famous tower of Pisa, the bell tower, famous throughout the world as the Leaning Tower began to tilt before the end of its construction;

in the square there is also the Cemetery, leaning against the walls, inside which there are sarcophagi of noble Pisans and beautiful frescoes.

Not far away from the Piazza dei Miracoli there is Piazza dei Cavalieri, the center of civil power in the Middle Ages; today it is the cultural center, where the headquarters of the Scuola Normale di Pisa are located.

Walking along the Lungarno, between the streets and on the bridges, you can admire the beauty of this city, discovering hidden and unexpected corners like the beautiful Gothic church that is right on the river or the pop art mural made by Keith Hering in the late 80s; a city to be discovered.