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Surroundings Farm House: Volterra

  • The territory of Volterra is a sweet succession of low hills cultivated with vines and olive trees and from which are obtained wine and oil of excellent quality.

    The village's history is deeply tied to the Etruscan people, in fact Volterra was one of the twelve most powerful Etruscan cities in the region. Date back to that time the walls that still surround the old town and two access gates: the Porta dell’Arco and Porta Diana. When, in the third century BC, the Romans conquered Volterra, they built the theater which is still used today for charming event and shows.

    Date back to the medieval period the Romanesque Duomo, the Baptistery, the Bell Tower and the Medicean Fortress. The latter is located in the highest part of the town, on the top of the hill, and consists of two fortifications connected by a walled walkway: the New Fortress and the Ancient Fortress.

    Volterra was therefore a strategic stronghold, often involved in struggles and battles, but over the centuries its importance became marginal. Probably because of this, the city's artistic, cultural and architectural heritage has remained intact.

    Volterra Volterra Volterra


The farm consists of 5 two-room and 8 three-room apartments that are comfortable and well ventilated, with some apartments having air conditioning systems


two-room apartments ( for 2+1 guest), Three-room apartments (for 4 guests) and Three-room apartments (5-6 guests)


Our farm was established in the sixties, the work experience of our parents have joined the force of a young family


Special for families and children: Farmhouse Il Tripesce, the perfect accomodation for families and children