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Agricultural Farm
Agriturismo - Il Tripesce
Since 1967
The farm was born in the sixties and the work experience of my parents has been combined over time with the energy of a young family that has brought new ideas and professional skills.
The farm extends between the municipalities of Cecina and Rosignano along the Etruscan coast, is specialized in horticultural productions that find in this territory favorable pedoclimatic conditions, especially the cultivation of the artichoke (the flower of the gods) defined it in ancient times, and of the tomatoes (our red gold) but also melons and watermelons.
Over time we have combined the cultivation of olive trees in particular the typical cultivars of the coast (leccino, moraiolo, pendolino leccio del corno) from the cold pressing of the olives we obtain an extra virgin olive oil with peculiar organoleptic characteristics, with an aroma and a taste to try absolutely.
Since 2020 we have converted the farm to the Organic production system, no herbicides and pesticides are used in addition to chemical fertilizers.
To the customers who buy our products and appreciate the flavor and taste, I always say that the ingredients to have excellent fruits are always the same: sun, water and love….

Since 2019, in collaboration with the well-known Loaker company, we have planted about 10 ha of hazelnuts by joining the Pif "hazelnuts in Maremma" promoted by the Tuscany region and we have already collected the first hazelnuts
On the farm you will have the opportunity to get closer to the rural world and it will be a pleasure to try to answer your questions about our agricultural productions.
You can also buy our products: olive oil, pasta as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables grown by us.            
              We are waiting for you
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una bellissima rosa
If you need to unplug.

The relaxing power of greenery, the silence and the pleasure of countryside flavors, are just some of the reasons why spending a weekend on a farm is to be considered as one of the small pleasures of life.
Agriturismo - Il Tripesce
   Il Tripesce Agriturismo di Pietro Esposito – P.IVA 01606180493 – PEC
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Agriturismo Il Tripesce a Vada
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